An artistic project :

In 2003, Barbara Vasquez Murillo a contemporary dancer, discovered aerial silk dance. A new space to dance in, a challenge with gravity, new risks but also the pleasure of being in the air and the beauty of this activity pushed her to go forward and develop this type of dance. In June 2004, her work became reality with the creation of « Mission Lumière ». See the section Shows.

In April 2007, during the show « Musique en Corps » of l’Ecole Municipale de Musique de Carquefou, was born the project « Smells like a teen spirit » in which aerial dance went with the voices of a Youth Choir directed by Chantal Pautrot, a Music teacher. They performed together in the « Festiv'îles » Festival. See the section shows.

The desire to create a new show revealed on the one hand new technical constraints, and on the other hand the desire to inspire from the experience in several types of dance. The creation of an association to develop these ideas became necessary. The association « Danse&+ » was born in June 2008.

The association « Danse&+ »:

To support Barbara Vasquez Murillo artistic project, the association « Danse&+ » was created in June 16th 2008, thanks to the advice and help from « Musique et Danse en Loire-Atlantique » and the support from the city of Carquefou which provided it a place to train.

The founders Chantal Pautrot, (music teacher), Albert Rossero (engineer and musician) and Lydie Billaudeau, (educator and comedian), discussed and chose the objectives of the association :

-To create and broadcast professional living shows

-To develop choreographic seeking and dance practice of various types, with the desire to open to other kinds of artistic seeking

-To promote the practice of art thanks to training courses, or any other kind of artistic demonstration

-To develop and share our experience with local, national and international objectives

    The creation and broadcasting of the aerial silk dance show « Tango mío », founder project, were the principal objectives of the company during its first year. « Tango mío » was created in "L’Embarcadère" in Saint Sébastien sur Loire (44) on September 9th 2009. This show was developed with the idea of a « Night around Tango mío » (aerial dance, cencert and tango dance). The first performance took place on October 2nd 2010 in the central nave of the «Machines de l’île » in Nantes (44). See the section shows.

    Artistic seeking times are organized all year long, bringing together semi-professional and professional artists. Those times are the cradle for future creations of the Company.

    The association offers classes of aerial silk dance all year long (one week-end/month) for both beginners and initiates. See the section Courses.

    The association reaches a public that is curious about this art in the best security conditions. Our spirit of artistic seeking is very appreciated and also supported thanks to Musique et Danse en Loire-Atlantique, and also thanks to the participation of « Danse&+ » in several association activities in the cities of Carquefou, Nantes and Saint Nazaire.

In May 2010, thanks to the partnership with Lauriane Brouillet, student (member of the association) and Lydia Hick, student, the association created its Website, which improves broadcasting of its shows and activities on a local, national and international level.

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